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Microbiology of Endurance: The Microbiome’s Role in Fitness

American Society for Microbiology // March 4, 2022

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“Do not be seduced by lazy nihilism. It is precisely because no single solution will save us that everything we do matters.”

Hope Jahren, The Story of More

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Want a healthy gut? We need healthy soil. New Article for ASM.

I’m a gut girl from way back, but have enjoyed researching and writing my latest piece on another field I deeply care about: environmental stewardship. Today my latest piece for the American Society for Microbiology (ASM) went live exploring the soil microbiome in an age of climate change. I am convinced through this project more…

The Latest // Microbes and Neurodegenerative Disease

Microbes have a complex and unique role in the health of our brains. On the one hand, they are intimately involved in our wellbeing from birth, and on the other, some of them can opportunistically infiltrate the central nervous system. Are they Jekyll or are they Hyde? Read more from my latest piece for the…

Research Note // Healthcare in the Homeless Population

Homelessness is an area I crave a deeper understanding of, because it is a complex issue that I am confronted with most days I leave my house. Like many, I feel paralyzed in how to help when I encounter individuals on the street, and often end up simply dismayed by the depth and breadth of…