Hi, I’m Christy.

I’m an outdoor enthusiast, wife, scientist, writer and lifelong learner.

I earned my PhD from the University of Arizona studying the role of microbes in our gut during inflammation, and went on to work in the New York City Public Health Lab as a postdoctoral fellow, where I bent my work toward improving global lab systems. Currently I blend both of those worlds in cholera seroepidemiology and immuno-metabolism as a postdoc at the University of Utah. I am passionate about what data says about who we are, and how science provides groundwork for us to help one another, better ourselves and create more holistically healthy societies.

I am an ardent believer in nuance, dialogue, and empathy. I believe that the only way to have integrity as a story-teller or scientist alike is to have a posture of openness, a willingness to be mistaken, and a hunger to know the truth. I seek to embody those qualities in my little enclave of the internet here. 

All the best,
Christy Harrison Clutter