Salt Lake Resource Page

As a resident of Salt Lake City and witness to its environmental threats and challenges, I’m passionate about helping to protect the lake, the valley and the mountains that we call home.

This page is dedicated to some of the informational and practical resources I’ve found for the Salt Lake region specifically.

The Great Salt Lake (GSL)

Reducing Waste

  • Momentum Recycling: A zero waste company dedicated to helping Utahn’s reduce waste. They have done glass recycling and recently piloted residential food scrap collection as well. Check them out!
  • Hello! Bulk Markets: Local refillery. Bring your own containers and purchase anything from laundry soap to spices, bulk foods, olive oil and more. Local eggs and locally made treats are also available. Two locations in SLC.
  • Animalia: This is another local shop with some bulk refill options for self care and beauty items. They also feature independent local products.
  • WinCo Foods: For those looking to buy in bulk and also save a penny or two, Winco actually has an outstanding bulk section. While they have plastic bags available, bring your own produce/bulk bags to minimize waste. Multiple locations regionally.