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As a trained scientist, I love learning about our world. But what I love most is when what I learn speaks to our humanity – to how we love, live, steward our planet, nourish our bodies, and thrive together as a society. Join me on this journey as we walk through the data together.

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Microbes on the Mind: A Complex Role in Neurodegeneration

American Society for Microbiology, Jan. 26, 2021

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“Listen with the same passion with which you want to be heard.”

Harriet Lerner

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The Recovery Will Be Long

As news of a COVID-19 vaccine rollout makes exciting headway, many of us are cautiously optimistic about a future world where we can leave our current restrictions behind and return to a yearned-for sense of normalcy. It’s been a long and strange year, and for some, sorrowful. But looking at where we are now, even … Read more The Recovery Will Be Long

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